XV Kings New Collection by Tommy Bowe has just landed

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We are soo excited to announce that the new XV Kings Collection by Tommy Bowe has landed in our Carlow and Kilkenny Stores.

IITommy Bowe n_16

XV Kings clothing range was first launched two years ago. It started as a small range and got bigger with each season.  Tommy Bowe talks about XV Kings clothing range as a new adventure which he completely enjoyes being a part of. He says that this clothing range opened for him a whole new world. He loves learning about fits and styles of the clothing. Last years XV Kings collection was an absolute MUST have for many Tommy Bowe followers. The collection was so popular that was completely sold out before  Christmas 2015. Last year collection was a hit but what the new collection is like?

shirt 2 shirt 3 shirt

We can all tell you now that the SS16 collection is fantastic. Tommy Bowe described it as an extention of the last year clothing range. It is bigger than SS15 collection. He underlined that the collection is warmer than in previous seasons. It contains of lots of t-shirts, short sleeve shirts and new polos. He said that  new XV Kings collection is more casual so the customers can wear it on every day basis.

hoody 2 hoody jacket

zip 2 zip 3 zip

short shirt 2 short shirt top 2

toppolo 2 polo


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