Lloyds& Pryce Spring/Summer 2017 Collection by Tommy Bowe has now arrived in store and online

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We are so excited to announce that the new Lloyds& Pryce Shoes collection by Tommy Bowe has landed in store and online.























Tommy Bowe has launched Lloyds& Pryce shoes collection back in 2011 and it has been a huge success for him ever since. This Spring/Summer 2017 collection has been bigger and better in choice than ever before. This season has welcomed 4 new styles: Scholes (in Blue and Slate), Wilson (in Storm), Herring 2 (in Camel and Blue) and Ringrose (in Camel, Slate and Storm).













The rest of the styles are carry over from last season with few changes of trims, soles and laces. The most popular shoes type are canvas, they are trendy and very comfortable to wear. The most popular style of shoes this season is Horwill by far. It comes in Oat and Sea Blue color.












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