It is graduation time..

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What time is it? It’s GRADUATION TIME

Graduation time is a celebration of the all hard work done in college. It is also the first step into your adult life. So thats why it is so important to make the most of it: enjoy yourself in style.  Detail Menswear is here to help you to choose the right outfit to suit your personality and your needs. To celebrate the Graduation day with you Detail Menswear would like to offer you FREE shirt and tie with every new suit purchased.

Graduation Offer

But what trends do we have for Graduation occasion this year?



detail111This year Graduations trend is more about the style of the individual person. The emphasis is on the vintage style and tweed.  If you are looking for more quirky look then check suits are the way to go. For the more reserved guys we can offer a huge range of plain, contemporary and stylish slim fit suits. In terms of colours, this year is all about navy and blue suits. The plain colour suits can be more versitile and used for other occasions such as job interviews or weddings- basicly you get more value out of them.  For more individual look you can pick from our mix and match suits. We stock wide range of mix and match suits for a unique look on your Graduation night.




A black suit is called classic for a reason and every man should have a black suit in his wardrobe. It can make any guy look good. Black suits are a very safe option to choose for your once off Graduation  night. You can play around with the colour of the accessories you are going to wear. Remember that the right choice of the accessories can make your outfit be one of a kind. Detail Menswear has many years of expierience in this area so you can trust us on this matter.






Blue colour suits will make you stand out from the crowd.  If are very confident you can match it with other colour to make a fashion statement or you can tone down with a plain white crisp shirt, navy tie and brown brogues.





Navy colour suit is most definately a safe option. But have you ever realized that navy can be so versitile? Just have a look on the photos below to see how  you  can wear and accessorize the plain navy suit








Grey suits can be another alternative for you to wear. We stock many different shades of grey.  More safe option you can pick the charcoal grey suit or you can go bold with a fashion statement of this 2016 season and pick light grey check suit which will make you stand out from the crowd.



detail_0261detail_0242We also have many casual look to choose from. The casual look is very popular as it can worn to casual meetings or just go away weekends with mates.





If you are still unsure on what kind of suit is the best for you why not pop in to our Carlow or Kilkenny store and talk to one of our suit specialists. We have over 20 years of experience in tailoring for occasions and we know exactly whats on trend now.  We cater for all kind of shapes and sizes. We can adjust any suit to fit you perfectly on your big  Graduation night.