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Detail Menswear  has always been blogging about fashion, trends, and new stock in store. But this time we decided to share a blog written by one of our own from St Mullin’s in Co. Carlow Chris Kavanagh. We believe he is one to watch in terms of fashion and lifestyle blogging. He is very talented young gentleman. His blogs are interesting and “full of amazing and breath taking photos” said . Travel and fashion lover Chris has earned a loyal following thanks to his super photos and enthusiasm for getting out there and seeing the world. Here’s what he says on his website: I’m by no means an expert, but I hope you enjoy reading! From the incredible destinations the world has to offer, to meeting new people and learning their cultures- I have a developed a love for travelling over the years. If Ireland sparks your interest, have a read to see some of the amazing destinations Ireland has to offer. I don’t think there is a County I haven’t visited yet!

Detail Menswear was absolutely delighted to sponsor Chris’s outfit for Irish Beauty Blog Awards. We know Chris is talented and we were so happy for him to win “Best Male’ Blog 2017” award at the IBBA 2017.  We loved his blog about the whole IBBA experience so we decided to share it with you all. Here below is his blog entry.

 Hope you enjoy the read!




Hey everyone,

I always tend to keep my blog posts short & sweet but this one is a highlight for me so it’s a little bit longer!

So as most of you know, I was nominated for this years 2017 Irish Beauty Blog Awards in association with Tan Organic. I was nominated in two categories. The Best Newcomer & Best Male Blog. After weeks of votes & sharing I was shortlisted for both and became a finalist in Best Male along with 4 other male bloggers. Honestly, I was ecstatic to have made the final Top 5 in Ireland!











So when I realised I had made the top 5,  I wanted to make sure I looked my absolute best on the night. For me, there was only one answer for this, Detail Menswear in Carlow town. Detail have always been my go-to mens shop since I was a teenager and you always receive unbelievable service from all of the lads in there. For any occasion I have coming up from dinner dances to weddings they’ll have what I’m looking for. It’s one of these stores where you know you’ll find exactly what you want in no time and without having to make that trip to the capital. Top quality suits & brands on my doorstep, what more can a man want?! and when it comes to shopping us men love hassle free, let’s be honest, it’s in our nature! When I said hassle free, I meant it. The very first suit I seen was the suit I ended up buying! That’s how I like to shop!

Suit & shoes by Irish brand Benetti. Full range in Detail Menswear, Carlow.

I explained to Philip in Detail Menswear, how I wanted a skinny leg on the suit pants as I was going for the no socks look and there was no problem at all. When I came in to collect it, everything was ready to go, perfect leg, exactly what I was looking for, tailored to fit me perfectly, like come on, I had to show off my lovely ankles & Irish tan lines!! Although some may think otherwise!

Mr. Philip McDonald, owner of Detail Menswear Carlow/Kilkenny.

As I received SO many compliments about my suit and where I got it I couldn’t wait to share that with you all. The suit itself is by an Irish brand called Benetti, I always think it’s important to support Irish brands. Benetti are the official tailors for the Football Association of Ireland, which is pretty cool. I felt like a million dollars in it!

Link to buy:


Enjoying a whiskey in Lillie Bordello’s.

The night was better than I had ever imagine. When we walked in, the bar was full of stunning cocktail glasses ready to be filled with the top quality Dingle Whiskey. It was a free bar may I add, so enough said! The Irish Beauty Blog Awards didn’t hold back on this party at all, it was quality! The front bar was filled with pop up areas from all of the sponsors from Tan Organic to Beverly Hills Formula, Love Suits & the most delicious cupcakes I’ve ever eaten from Jenscouture Cakes!

The nerves had kicked in when the ever so talented MC, James Butler, started announcing the nominees for Best Male Blog and at this stage I was in a world of my own. The next thing all I heard was “Chris Kavanagh!” and I couldn’t believe it! I WON!!!!! I thought I was imagining it but when I looked at my girlfriend and seen the delight in her eyes I knew it! WINNER!!!!!















It honestly still feels surreal, I was up against some of the best in the country such as James Butler, Mr. Indumentum, Darren Kennedy, & Rob Lipsett to name but a few and to think me, a guy with only 1.4k followers claimed the title. Im absolutely honoured and grateful. Thanks to all of you & your votes for helping to make this possible.

So here are some of the moments from the night! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading! Thanks again to all of you for supporting me on this blogging journey, a GAA guy from St. Mullins in County Carlow, blogging about fashion & lifestyle, sure look, why not! I’ve always had an interest in fashion and I’m so delighted to be sharing my style with all of you.



Before I finish I have to show you the goodie bags! They’re class! I’m excited for trying out the Beverly Hills Formula Black Pearl toothpaste. I think I’ll leave the eyeshadow & lipgloss  to Fiona to try out! Have a look at what we all got to bring home!




So many fantastic sponsors of the awards this year and the event wouldn’t have been possible without them. Huge well done to all of the team at the Irish Beauty Blog Awards for putting on such a top quality event. You can tell so much hard work went into it. Thanks for having us. The Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2017, a night to remember!


Fiona & I.

Hope you enjoyed reading!